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made from upcycled plastic
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Our SeaClean frames are sustainable glasses manufactured entirely from upcycled plastic bottles. We believe the path to sustainability is a journey that brands and their customers take together. This marks our first step towards change. The glasses are available with prescription and non-prescription lenses.
5 Upcycled Plastic Bottles
1 Pair of Glasses

The Benefits of Sustainable Eyewear:

For every SeaClean pair sold we will donate $5 to The Ocean Cleanup to help them in their efforts towards a plastic-free ocean by 2050.
Eco friendly Material
Eco-friendly Material
Less Use of Chemicals
Less Use of Chemicals
Cleaner Ecosystems
Cleaner Ecosystems


Consciously Crafted Glasses
From design to product and even materials used, every part of the SeaClean glasses and packaging is environmentally conscious.
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 SeaClean  feature Sustainable Eyewear
SeaClean  feature Sustainable Eyewear
SeaClean  feature Sustainable Eyewear
SeaClean  feature Sustainable Eyewear
SeaClean  feature Sustainable Eyewear

From Waste to Wonder

SeaClean frames are crafted
from 100% recycled plastic polymers
Sea Clean environmentally friendly glasses

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are these glasses durable?
Yes, absolutely. The SeaClean glasses are made out of RPET, a material that has good impact resistance and good flexibility. RPET is a petroleum-based product that is globally recognized as a safe, lightweight and flexible material and it’s also 100% recyclable.
Are only the glasses sustainable?
No. Everything about these glasses is made of sustainable materials, from the fabric bag the glasses come in to the cleaning cloth and our recyclable boxes.
What other sustainable collections do you offer at
Our Woodland collection contains glasses made of bamboo, a material that leaves a much smaller ecological footprint than the traditional materials used in eyewear.
I’ve never purchased prescription eyewear online. How does it work exactly?
Buying glasses online is easy. All you need is a recent prescription, which you can also extract with our Prescription Scanner App from your current glasses.