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An 8 week Telecourse beginning April 17th, 2013 6-8PM MST

Birthing a new worldThis is an invitation to participate in perhaps the greatest adventure of all time. . . birthing a new world. . . a co–creative society.

Just as many of our ancestors often traveled great distances to be able to fully express their beliefs, ideals and thirst for freedom, we, the social pioneers of our time, are being called from within to manifest a new culture that reflects and embodies the expanded awareness that we are experiencing in our lives.

The old forms, structures, and institutions no longer serve our collective needs as we step across the threshold into a new millennium. At this auspicious time in our evolution, there stirs within the hearts of a growing body of humanity the yearning to discover and model new social forms which honor unity and diversity and call forth each individual’s full creative potential.

As our consciousness shifts from separation and fear to unity and love, we desire to join with others in co–creative endeavors that embody the values and virtues of trust, respect, equality, cooperation, equanimity, generosity, integrity and compassion.

This is a new horizon. . . a journey into uncharted territory.

Many have come before who have pointed the way, responding at moments when the cry from the confused masses echoed around the world. The great masters, saints, and prophets have exemplified what is possible. Most have walked a solitary path, being misunderstood and sometimes even persecuted.

At this time of the Great Turning, we move beyond the path of crucifixion into resurrection. No longer must the pioneers of our age walk alone. As Thich Nhat Hahn so eloquently expressed, “The next Buddha may not be an individual, but an enlightened community.”

Millions of courageous individuals in towns and villages throughout the world are opening to a greater reality, by responding to a cry in their hearts to take the inward journey to “know thyself.” This creative minority is now sufficient in number to shift the tide.

Introduction to Living Co–Creation is a response to the need for a transformed society. This course offers you processes, tools, experiential exercises and understanding that are necessary for awakening individuals to their full potential and birthing a co–creative culture. You will be guided in this course by facilitators who, for the past 15 years, have lived the co–creative journey at Hummingbird Community, using the Circles of Co–Creation.

The Circles of Co–Creation powerfully facilitate individual and collective transformation for a new world.

Carolyn Anderson and Katherine Roske

It is the evolutionary imperative of our time to join in teams, create and maintain a field of love, align collectively with Spirit, and bring into manifestation the new social forms that embody an awakened consciousness.

This invitation goes out to all pioneering souls who are awakening to their spiritual nature, all who are responding to an inner call, all concerned with the absolute well–being of life. It is a call to collaborate in birthing a co-creative society in service to the highest good of all.

On behalf of all life and future generations to come, let us embark on this transforming journey together where we are becoming masterful agents of conscious evolution, dedicated to birthing a vibrantly alive co–creative world.

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that by learning how to consciously practice the Circles of Co–Creation…we are making an immeasurable contribution to this quantum jump to the next stage of human evolution—to “heaven on earth”. They provide us with personal and social processes whereby we can make the jump together, from the inside out, from our spiritual motivation and unique creativity outward, bringing ourselves into new forms as co–creators of our world.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

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There are many groups and communities that can benefit from practicing the Circles of Co–Creation: businesses, intentional communities, families, shared households, focused teams, action groups, church and service groups, and any other small group that comes together to experience personal evolution and healing or to support positive change in their community.

How You Will Benefit from the Living Co-Creation Course

Heart World

  • Why co-creation is recognized as a foundational capacity for birthing a universal humanity and building a planetary co-creative culture.
  • Discover how to become a co–creator of your life and the new world that is being born.
  • Open more fully to your inner wisdom and personal guidance.
  • Gain the essential tools to move beyond the illusion of separation to the experience of deep connection and resonance with all life.
  • Learn the practices that will allow you to mature into your most empowered authentic self.
  • Awaken more fully to your divine nature and deepen into your unique calling and soul’s purpose.
  • Activate your full potential as a force for positive change.
  • Experience the power of being part of a resonating group field that is able to catalyze personal and planetary transformation.

Group discounts are available for our telecourses. For more information, please contact us..



MODULE 1: The Circles of Co–Creation

Heart World

In this module you will discover how the Circles of Co–Creation model evolved and how it provides a map for building a new society based on empowerment and love. You will learn the distinction between “resonating core groups” and “co-creative core groups”, and you will gain an understanding of how these synergistic social units support individuals to discover and deepen in their unique purposes. This module provides an overview of the entire course and reveals the “divine template” upon which it is based.

When all of the Circles are practiced consciously, quantum change occurs and there is a genuine increase in awareness, creativity and fulfillment. Awakening as co-creators, we give birth to a culture that more truly reflects our values, vision, and consciousness.

As you apply the Circles in your own life, you will be modeling the change you would like to see in the world.

In this module, you will—

  • Gain an understanding about the importance of awakening the co–creative, Essential Self;
  • Learn the role that resonance plays in transforming fear into love;
  • Discover the relationship between the work of the individual and the small group in accessing collective wisdom and transforming society;
  • Explore the path that empowers individuals to discover their unique callings, attract others who share their destiny and converge with other small groups to build a co-creative culture.

We are now the custodians of the evolutionary process on Earth. Within our own hands lies the future of this planet.

Peter Russell

Module 2: What is Co–Creation?


The concept of co–creation is circulating in our American and global culture at an accelerating rate. Some have little or no understanding of what it means; some may feel they are already fully informed and practicing this new way of being human.

In this module, we will explore the main streams that have introduced co–creation into our culture, recognize the similarities and differences between them and arrive at a starting point to engage this course in an aligned way. We will recognize that none of us are yet masters, and that many humans are being called to become fluent and competent in this new way of embodying our greater human and divine potentials so that we can most effectively and wisely transform our planetary reality.

In this module, you will—

  • Understand what co-creation is with new depth and clarity;
  • Appreciate the importance of cultivating this new way of approaching the process of transforming yourself and our shared relational reality;
  • Sense how co–creation is a fresh way of approaching the embodiment of our divine nature in everyday life;
  • Expand your worldview in a way that will empower your ability to actualize your unique contribution as you bring forth a more loving, healthy and fulfilling reality on Earth.

The essence of co–creation—working from the inside out, combining the spiritual practices of resonance, love and inner wisdom with outer actions in the world–manifests as collective positive change.

Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske

Module 3: Whole System Transformation: Conscious Metamorphosis


We are in a time of increasing instability, environmental threat, and radical and chaotic change in all of our human systems, which is being fueled by fear and even great optimism. The critical question then that begs for answer is: What on earth is happening?

A most revealing and powerful answer to this question is: Whole system transformation.

Looking at the outer and inner world through this filter of whole system transformation offers an incredibly integrative and empowering meaning to our lives at this time. It is very helpful to recognize that this is a natural process that we are moving through in our human and planetary development. The example and metaphor of metamorphosis can become an important map to support us through this journey. Being fully conscious in this transformational process brings us into optimal relationship not only with where we are but also with what we are becoming.

In this module, you will—

  • Expand your understanding of the dynamic of the changes we are experiencing that will add meaning to the challenges of living in these metamorphic times;
  • Be supported to rest more deeply in a Trust of the divinely designed, natural and developmental process we are currently navigating;
  • Discover the relationship between your life and the transformation that is occurring globally;
  • See how awakening into Conscious Metamorphosis opens us to new capacities and intelligences that are necessary to bring forth the new reality we are being called to embody both individually and collectively;
  • Understand how co-creation may look and play out differently in the different stages, focuses and contexts of our metamorphic process.

Today, something is happening to the whole structure of human consciousness. A fresh kind of life is starting. Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world are seeking each other, so that the world may come into being.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Module 4: Awakening the Co-Creative Self

Heart World

Common to all traditions and belief systems is the evolutionary impulse to “know thyself.” When we come to rest as our essential divine nature, there is an experience of deep inner peace and all–pervading love.

For some, this experience is instantaneous—perhaps unexpected. For others, it is the fruition of years of rigorous discipline and religious/spiritual practice. Always, there is an element of grace. To stabilize in this awakened state is a life–long daily practice of vigilance, awareness and remembrance.

In this module, you will—

  • Learn how accessing information from your inner source is an essential tool in mastering the art of co–creation;
  • Discover how “doing” flows from the “being” of a co–creator;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the needs that individuals share for creative fulfillment and the experience of community.

Inside every human is a God in embryo. It has only one desire…It wants to be born.

Kahlil Gibran

Module 5: Building a Resonant Field

Resonant FieldA resonant field of love is a sacred space that embraces diversity, brings forth individuality, and creates unparalleled possibility for everyone in this resonant field.

In this module, you will learn that as we connect at the heart and hold each other in unconditional love and acceptance, an invisible magnetic field of resonance emerges. It is this resonant field that gives birth to the co-creative process. When we are truly seen, accepted, and acknowledged for who we are, our trust is deepened and we feel empowered.

To live in a resonant field of love is to practice non-judgment, forgiveness, and loving one another as ourselves. It means to use every incident as an opportunity for reflection, transformation and healing. With practice we learn to embody the principles of resonance minute by minute on a daily basis, in our workplace, our homes and in activities of all kinds. We experience the bliss of oneness and connection with all that is.

By connecting with others at the heart, we take a quantum leap beyond the capacities of individuals alone. Social synergy results, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In this module, you will—

  • Experience a number of powerful practices that build group trust and resonance;
  • Learn about the role of acknowledgment in empowering others;
  • Discover why balancing head and heart are essential practices for every co-creator.

Listen to each other from your heart and you shall hear far more than your ears will ever reveal.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Module 6: Self–Responsible, Healing Communication

Resonant FieldIn this module we will be focusing on the Self–Responsible, Healing Communication Agreements that we use at Hummingbird Community. At Hummingbird we realize that whenever a group of people gather in community—no matter how enlightened they may be—there are bound to be different perspectives offered on the how, when, why, and what's of being together.

What is most important is not the nature of any differences, but rather how the differences are handled, especially when we may be holding strong judgmental feelings towards others who have different perspectives from us.

In this module you will—

  • Understand the value of perceiving conflict as an opportunity to move from feelings of separation to feelings of unity and love;
  • Appreciate the importance of empathy, humility, and heart–listening/speaking when expressing your perspectives;
  • Realize that you are giving the circumstances in your life all their meaning—i.e., you, not others, are responsible for your feelings and perspectives;
  • Understand that others sharing their perspectives about you are really speaking about themselves;
  • Learn how to express yourself in a self-responsible way that invites others to join with—rather than resist—your efforts to communicate for mutually greater clarity and understanding.

Indeed, we look at the importance of being committed to working respectfully and self–responsibly with conflict as a natural and important part of the evolution of a co–creative community.

Community is a safe place precisely because no one is attempting to heal or convert you, to fix you, to change you.

M. Scott Peck

Module 7: Accessing Our Collective Wisdom

Resonant FieldReliance on outside authority has undermined our expression as unique creative divine beings. It is now time to direct our attention to our inner authority and to act as though our lives depend upon it. This may, indeed, be true.

In every moment a source of unlimited wisdom and inspiration is available to each of us. This source has been called intuitive knowing, our inner voice, clear vision, and “the still small voice of God”. It is not bound by time or space. We access it by quieting the chatter of our mind and going within to the “place of stillness.”

As we rest deeply in the resonant field of love and trust, an opening in our consciousness naturally occurs. The inner voice, the deeper wisdom that resides in each of us is revealed. As our intuitive mind works in concert with our critical analytical intellect, a new synthesis—co–creative intelligence—is born.

When we collectively practice deep listening, we gain access to inspired insights and receive guidance regarding our actions as individuals and as members of a group. Together, we move to a higher frequency of knowing. A dynamic of synergy, synchronicity, and, sometimes, telepathy is experienced, giving birth to our collective wisdom.

In this module, you will:

  • Explore how to most effectively open to your Essential Self to access your deeper wisdom;
  • Learn how to distinguish between inner knowing and the analytical mind;
  • Practice sharing your inner knowing with others to help cultivate a field of co-creative intelligence.

In silence is the field of all possibility.

Deepak Chopra

Module 8: The Zones of Co-Creation.

Resonant FieldWhen we understand the full vertical and horizontal spectrums of co–creation, we can recognize that there are zones of co–creation that have different dynamics and intents. This framework, which clarifies the zones of co–creation, will help us integrate what we have covered so far in this course. It will also set a context for further exploration into the embodiment of living co–creation, which we will explore in Part II of Introduction to Living Co–Creation.

In Part II we will experience how to form into groups with a shared purpose around shared projects that become essential cells in the emerging new societal body. We will also look ahead to circles 6 through 10 of co–creation. In those circles, we will experience what is possible for us and for humanity as we embrace and consciously embody co–creation both as a way of life and a pathway through our metamorphic process.

In this module, you will—

  • Learn about the zones of co–creation in order to have more appropriate expectations and effective engagement in the process of co–creation;
  • Review where we have come in this course and preview circles 6 through 10 in The Co-Creator’s Handbook;
  • Envision further possibilities for your personal and our collective process of embodying and Living Co–Creation as a way of life!

As we dream our dreams and tune into the needs of the whole, the Spirit of creation molds energy and potential into matter, magnetizing to us the perfect people and activities for that moment. We release struggle, effort, and the desire to control. We fall into the arms of the Beloved and relax.

Carolyn Anderson and Katherine Roske


Have you had a sense of knowing, for many years, that society is in the midst of a radical transformation and that you have a part to play in this?

  • Are you feeling within you a powerful longing for greater meaning in your life?
  • Are you experiencing a spontaneous surge of creativity greater than what can be contained in your current work?
  • Are you tired of trying to go it alone?
  • Do you sense that out of the life–threatening crises of our age—environmental destruction, terrorism, and social inequities—a new way of life is crying out to be born?

If so, you are being lifted up from within by an energy as powerful as the drive for self-preservation or self-reproduction. It is the third great force: the longing for Self-realization and Self-actualization. It is this alignment as our Co–creative Selves, linking with others who share our vision and passion for the possible that creates positive change in the world.

Resonant FieldWe call it the urge of co–creation. It is the uprising of human creativity, an evolutionary force that can transform the world. As we collectively move into this new territory, we are finding our way together. There are no maps and few mentors; the only true guides reside within us. We are discovering the process together, following our intuition, and learning as we go.

We are at the threshold of a global renaissance that has only been dimly dreamed of by the visionaries of the human race.

And so please come join us in this exciting, co–creative adventure of birthing a new world… The cost for this series of 8 classes is $250.

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