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Try on glasses online.

Our Virtual Try-On lets you see yourself in any pair from the comfort of your home, and accurately shows you how the frames will look on your face.
See how it works
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See how it looks on real people, or upload your own photo.
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How it works.

Choose a frame you like and click the 'Try Online' icon at the corner of the frame.
Take a selfie, or upload a picture with your face showing clearly.
Once your picture has been uploaded, follow the instructions to adjust it.
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Money-back guarantee.

With our 100% money-back guarantee, you can also try on any pair at home. If you're not completely satisfied with your new glasses, send them back within 14 days of delivery, and you can choose to receive a refund, exchange, or a 100% store credit.
Free shipping and returns
365-day warranty

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Discover over 7,000 styles to try online and find your perfect pair.
Frequently asked questions
Is there a way to virtually try on glasses? At you can try on any frame with our Virtual Try-On. Find your perfect pair today!
Which glasses can I try on online before I buy? You can try on any pair on our site with the Virtual Try-On. Whether it’s eyeglasses frames, sunglasses, designer frames - you can see yourself in any of them from the comfort of home.
Do I need a prescription to try on glasses online?
Nope. All you need is a photo of yourself to upload so you can see how the frame looks on your face.
If you want to purchase prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses and can’t find your prescription, you can complete your order and send in your prescription details later, or use our Prescription Scanner app.
How do I remove my picture from the Virtual Try-On Mirror?
You can easily remove your photo from our Virtual Try-On Mirror. We assure you that the photo you uploaded to our site can only be seen by you on your computer, so there is no need to worry that anyone else may have access to it. To remove it, simply clear your browser's cache and cookies.
If you have a account, you can log in by clicking on "My Account" on the top right side of the website, click on "Try On Image" and then click on the "Delete" button under it. This will remove the photo from your account but we still recommend clearing your browser's cookies and cache settings.
What kind of glasses can I buy at We offer the biggest selection of prescription and non-prescription eyewear online at up to 70% off retail, including eyeglasses for men and women, prescription sunglasses, top eyewear brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci and many others, kids’ glasses, sports glasses, safety glasses, and more.