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Who We Are

We are global citizens bringing to life a co-creative culture through our innovative educational programs and our intentional community's development. As social architects we have been on the leading edge of cultural change for over three decades. Our many years of experience as pioneers in the fields of education, health and wellness, and community building create a solid foundation for Hummingbird Living School (HBLS).

Our core team is comprised of Hummingbird Community stewards, education professionals, PhD’s, and community building specialists. Individually and as a team, we are committed to:

  • Draw forth the brilliant magnificence in each participant;
  • Inspire the expression of each individual’s unique soul purpose;
  • Model whole system thinking;
  • Connect to nature’s inherent wisdom as we steward the land;
  • Evolve innovative social systems for a healthier planet;
  • Serve the earth at this critical time of planetary transformation.

The Hummingbird Living School is a project of Global Family, a 501c3 non profit organization with NGO status within the United Nations. The purpose of Global Family is to support a shift in consciousness from separation and fear to unity, love and cooperation. This purpose is being actualized through the extensive peace and educational work that has been done all over the world since Global Family was founded in 1986.

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