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Our Inspiration

Throughout the world a growing network of pioneers are guided to manifest new social systems that embody an awakened consciousness. The breakdown of our institutions provides rich compost for the emergence of a global culture that embodies the values of mutual respect, cooperation and love.

As both leaders and witnesses in this quiet phenomenon, a core group of us at Hummingbird community have been inspired to synthesize our many years of experience, lessons learned, books written, and classes taught into the land-based educational offering, Hummingbird Living School (HBLS). It is our intention that the living school’s structure and location, within the working community of Hummingbird, offers participants an opportunity to both consider and ground new ways of living and working in the world.

We, as Hummingbird Living School’s core team, believe that spiritual diversity and integration into every day life is essential for human happiness and expression. We are therefore committed to modeling practical whole system transformation where new possibilities can be explored in every sector of society be it governance, education, economics, health care or living a sustainable ecological lifestyle.

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