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Our Current Program Offerings

Visit our programs page for current information about our programs.

About Hummingbird Living School

Welcome to Hummingbird Living School! Please explore our website to understand more about who we are and what we offer.

Our current programs offer immersion into Co-Creation, Co-Creative Culture, Co-Creative Community Building, Youth Leadership and The Human Dream. They are founded in co-creative principles and practices and support people to access their soul’s purpose, enlivening their passion to contribute their unique gifts to the world.

We offer a range of courses from Teleconference Calls, to Weekend trainings, and year-long courses of study. We also co-create with others to offer programs at Hummingbird and are currently working on a program with Barbara Marx Hubbard that will be presented in June. Check back for more details. Our current offerings are listed here.

Participants of Hummingbird Living School are encouraged to explore a stronger sense of personal and collective responsibility. Participants co-create innovative solutions addressing such critical issues as:

  • Feeling of disconnectedness in our communities and workplaces
  • Diminished sense of place, purpose and fulfillment
  • Lack of trust in our social systems to serve the true needs of people
  • Degradation of the natural environment

The educational programs of HBLS are designed to give people the understanding, information and skills necessary to be a leader in the pioneering adventure of bringing forth a profoundly healthy and loving world.

Our facility is located at and is a part of Hummingbird Community. Hummingbird is a living laboratory for the evolution of consciousness and is dedicated to the modeling of a co-creative culture. We synthesize many spiritual practices into our culture, honoring current wisdom as well as ancient traditions and often asking “what wants to happen now”?

The beauty and extraordinary healing qualities of our land invites people into a womblike feeling of reconnection with Mother Earth, a remembrance of their interconnectedness with life. People who come here often experience safety, depth of experience and leave feeling transformed.